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New Jersey Maritime Pilot & Docking Commission


On March 9, 1694 the third assembly of the Colony of New York passed, “An Act for Settyling Pilotage for all vessels that shall come within Sandy Hook.” The Act was made to give aid and assistance to all vessels that were bound for the Ports of New York/New Jersey.

On February 8, 1837 an Act was passed by the New Jersey Legislature creating the New Jersey Board of Commissioners of Pilotage. The name was changed to the New Jersey Maritime Pilot and Docking Pilot Commission in 2004 to reflect its new and expanded responsibilities.

The State of New York passed a similar act in 1854 creating the New York Board of Commissioners of Pilotage. These acts were passed to bring under control a pilotage system that had become chaotic and unsafe because commercial pressures and risk taking took precedence over navigational safety. In 1895, the New York and New Jersey Sandy Hook pilots joined into one economic organization to better serve the port and the safety of all pilots.

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