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The New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Geographic Information System (GIS) consists of many data sources, including accidents, construction, congestion, road inventories, pavements and safety, used to produce maps that support the Department’s work in planning, highway, rail, aviation and maritime. Users of these applications can locate areas of interest, view and interact with NJDOT's GIS data, and query related transportation data, including Annual Average Daily Traffic Flow (AADTF).


New Jersey, and the NJDOT, identifies the need to ensure sufficient and safe truck parking as a critical issue. As trucks move the vast majority of freight in the state, drivers need access to adequate, safe and secure rest and service stops. This data and web-map represents the known truck parking facilities in the State of NJ.
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Maritime Resources
National Boating Infrastructure Grant
National Boating Infrastructure Grant The BIG Blueways Guide

This is a service for transient boaters to locate facilities that have recently been upgraded or rebuilt utilizing US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) National Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) funds.
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Roadway Information and Traffic Monitoring
Annual Average Daily Traffic Flow
Annual Average Daily Traffic Flow (AADTF)

The New Jersey Department of Transportation collects traffic data at over 1,600 station locations along all Interstate, U.S. and N.J. Routes throughout the State of New Jersey. This map represents the estimated Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) values based on the most current station data available. The AADT Flow layer data is displayed in six (6) groups, five (5) representing graduated AADT ranges and one (1) representing no station data. The traffic information is used for planning, design, maintenance and general administration of the roadway systems.

Access and Use Constraints: The New Jersey Department of Transportation shall not be held liable for any errors in this data. This includes errors of omission, commission, errors concerning the content of the data, and relative and positional accuracy of the data. This data cannot be construed to be a legal document. Primary sources from which this data was compiled must be consulted for verification on information contained in this data.
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(The AADTF application is a joint effort between Federal Highway Administration and NJDOT Bureau of Transportation Data and Safety.)

New Jersey Standard Route ID and Milepost:
New Jersey Standard Route ID and Milepost

This viewer includes the NJ roadway network, with Standard Route Identifier (SRI), mileposts and National Highway System (NHS) dataset. The base map includes the most current railroads, rail stations, landmarks, county and municipal boundaries. Users can use this in any device browser, desktop or mobile, and zoom to the location and click on the point for the SRI/MP/NHS data.
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