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NJDOT Geographic Information Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Geographic Information System?
A geographic information system (GIS) is a computerized mapping system used to analyze geographic data and databases to provide technical and analytical support for NJDOT’s decision-making.
What kind of data is on hand?
Data is stored in mapping and graphics files. It comes from sources such as accidents, construction, road inventory, pavement, demographics, hydro and open space.
What types of maps can be output?
The files can be output in various formats of state, county and municipal base maps as well as other specialized maps.
What type of software do I need to view the state and county maps on my computer?
The NJDOT GIS software standard is ESRI ArcGIS. We post files in ESRI shapefile format and our files can also be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
What format and projection are the maps in?
NAD83 (North American Datum) in feet.
Where can I obtain the Orthoimagery for the entire state of New Jersey?
To find and download the orthoimagery visit the New Jersey Image Warehouse web site.
Is there a procedure for installing ArcExplorer software and viewing the New Jersey aerial photos?
To install ArcExplorer and view the New Jersey aerial photos use the ArcExplorer Installation to View Orthophotos (pdf 840k) procedure.
What is the NJDOT Transportation Data Model?
NJDOT Data Model information can be found in the NJDOT Transportation Data Model Report (pdf 2.5m).
Where can I obtain the PowerPoint presentation presented at the Committee for a Smart New Jersey, Transportation and Geospatial Information Systems Technical Seminar?
It's available here: NJ Data Model Presentation (pdf 2.8m).

Last updated date: January 11, 2021 1:39 PM