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Division of Purchase and Property

Approved Sole Source Waivers Exceeding $500,000

ID Vendor Approval Date Description Amount
ID Vendor Approval Date Description Amount
60-21-DOE College Board 4.30.21 Advanced Placement Tests $635,000
65-21-State Police Management Science Associates 4.24.21 MAPPS IT services $600,547
14-22-OIT Various (CenturyLink/Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph/Alteva of Warwick) 8.3.21 Certified Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC 911) $678,867
10-22-OIT Various (CenturyLink/PTS Providers/AT&T/Verizon NJ/NLETS/Alteva of Warwick) 8.3.21 Telecommunications $14,500,000
11-22-OIT Verizon 7.26.21 Verizon 9-1-1 $13,400,000
68-21-DHS Atos IT Solutions 5.24.21 Bull Hardware refresh $3,701,493
75-21-State Police Shotspotter, Inc. 5.13.21 Real-time gun-shot detection solution $1,435,899
20-22-DCF Center for Study of Social Policy 7.1.21 Federal Monitor of Class Action Lawsuit Charlie and Nadine H. vs. Christie $1,203,275
61-22-Agriculture EMS LINQ, Inc. 3.4.22 Cloud hosted solution for Food Distribution Program $1,566,195
33-22-DCF Evident Change 11.24.21 SafeMeasures Online Data Reporting Services $785,255
21-22-DOE New Meridian 11.19.21 Use of Intellectual Property, held by New Meridian for required performance assessments for the 2021-2022 school year $7,467,724
70-21-State Police Tactical Support Equipment, Inc. 7.27.21 8-Panel Portable Base Station Unit & Remote Backpack System $541,000

Last Updated: Tuesday, 03/22/22