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Division of Purchase and Property

December 9, 2022

Special Notice

Fleet Management Technologies with Related Software Solutions

Notice is hereby given that the State of New Jersey intends to enter into a publically advertised cooperative purchasing agreement for fleet management technologies with related software solutions.

Under N.J.S.A. 52:34-6.2, the State of New Jersey is authorized to join competitively bid and awarded cooperative purchasing agreements.

The State of New Jersey anticipates joining the contract awarded by Sourcewell, a State of Minnesota local government unit and service cooperative created under the laws of the State of Minnesota on or about January 2023. The State of New Jersey expects to award contracts to vendors awarded a Master Agreement by the Lead State that also meet New Jersey compliance requirements and execute a New Jersey Participating Addendum.

Additional information, including the original Bid Solicitation and the Master Agreement(s) are available at:

The Sourcewell contract has a term of May 4, 2022 through April 18. 2026, with the option to extend up to one (1) additional year.

The comment period ends with the close of business on December 27, 2022. To ensure that your comment is received, it must be submitted to the Division of Purchase and Property's Hearing Unit at

Last Updated: Friday, 12/09/22