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Division of Taxation

Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR)

This program provides property tax relief to New Jersey residents who owned or rented their principal residence (main home) on October 1, 2019, and met the income limits.

Mailer Information:

We sent filing mailers to homeowners in September 2022. If you are a homeowner who did not receive this mailer you can still file online, but you will need an ID and PIN as well as your 2019 New Jersey gross income amount to do so.

Filing deadline:

February 28, 2023.

When benefits will be paid:

We will begin paying ANCHOR benefits in late spring of 2023. ANCHOR benefits will be paid in the form of a direct deposit or check, not as credits to property tax bills.

Direct deposit issues:

If you made an error on your application when entering your direct deposit information, or prefer to receive your payment by paper check, we may be able to correct this for you. Complete the ANCHOR Program Direct Deposit Correction form and either check the "Request a Paper Check" box or provide the corrected banking information. You must include a copy of your government issued ID for us to complete your request.

Beginning April 1, 2023 we will only be able to cancel direct deposit requests and issue paper checks.


Renters/Tenants do not need an ID or PIN to file for this program.

Homeowners who filed a 2018 Homestead Benefit application may be able to obtain their ID and PIN through our online application.

If you cannot retrieve your ID and PIN through the online application, you may still be able request this information. Complete the "Gross Income / ID & PIN Request Form" below and include a copy of your government-issued photo ID with your request.

Gross income:

You can find your gross income on line 29 of your 2019 NJ-1040 tax return. If you were not required to file a 2019 New Jersey Income Tax return, report zero as your gross income.

If you do not have a copy of your 2019 NJ-1040 tax return, complete the "Gross Income / ID & PIN Request Form" below and include a copy of your government-issued photo ID.

All property tax relief program information provided here is based on current law and is subject to change.

ANCHOR - How to File Your Homeowner Application

ANCHOR - How to File Your Renter/Tenant Application

Anchor Property Tax Benefit Program

Last Updated: Friday, 01/27/23