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Division of Taxation

BFC-1 Returns Being Replaced with Form CBT-100

Form BFC-1 is being discontinued. For privilege periods ending on and after July 31, 2023, banking corporations and financial business corporations that are separate filers will use Form CBT-100 to file their returns. This also means that BFC-1 filers are now subject to the electronic filing requirements for all tax filings and payments.

Banking corporations and financial business corporations that are members of a combined group are required to be included as a member reported on the CBT-100U, ever since the enactment of mandatory unitary combined reporting. The discontinuation of Form BFC-1 does not impact combined filers.

EFT Codes

Taxpayers that submitted their payments through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) must update the codes that they are using.

Banking Corporations

From To
CBF Banking Corporation – Payment 03011 CBT – Payment 02201
CBF Banking Corporation – Estimated Tax Payment 03012 CBT – Estimated Tax Payment 02101
CBF Banking Corporation – Extension Payment 03013 CBT – Extension Payment 02301

Financial Corporations

From To
CBF Financial Corporation – Payment 03002 CBT – Payment 02201
CBF Financial Corporation – Estimated Tax Payment 03005 CBT – Estimated Tax Payment 02101
CBF Financial Corporation – Extension Payment 03006 CBT – Extension Payment 02301

Last Updated: Tuesday, 10/10/23