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February 2005 - Archived E-News Mailings

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Tax Practitioners
A one-day tax seminar offered by the Institute for Professionals in Taxation in cooperation with the New Jersey Division of Taxation will be held on April 26, 2005, at the Hilton Woodbridge Hotel, Iselin, New Jersey. The seminar will feature presentations by the Division of Taxation and other private and public tax experts.

Program information and registration forms
Tax Practitioners
New Jersey no longer requires that a PIN be entered when filing a New Jersey income tax return through the Joint Federal/State Electronic Filing Program for individual income tax returns. Taxpayers with self-selected Federal or Practitioner PINs may still use them when filing their New Jersey return. However, effective immediately, failure to include a PIN on an electronically filed New Jersey income tax return will NOT result in the return’s being rejected, or in any delay in the processing of the return or the taxpayer’s refund.

Any electronically filed 2004 New Jersey income tax return that has already been submitted to the New Jersey Division of Revenue and rejected for lack of a PIN will be reprocessed and accepted, and an acknowledgement record will be generated.

All practitioners who prepared 200 or more 2003 New Jersey income tax returns are required to use one of the three New Jersey electronic filing services (NJ WebFile, NJ TeleFile, and NJ ELF) to file their clients’ 2004 New Jersey income tax resident returns. Information regarding the e-file mandate is posted on our Web site at:

E-File Mandate

Archived E-News Mailings

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