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Local Property Tax Policy and Planning

This Section reviews and prepares comments on proposed legislation pertaining to property tax issues; reviews and approves compliance plans, reassessment and revaluation programs and contracts; develops procedures for uniform application of senior citizens' and veterans’ property tax deductions and certifies these amounts for State reimbursement to local taxing districts; conducts periodic inspections of local taxing districts for amounts reimbursed; responds to taxpayer inquiries and assists county clerks regarding the Realty Transfer Fee, and monitors the R.T.F. revenue collected; provides assistance and reviews compliance for the twenty-one county boards of taxation; oversees the administration of the Farmland Assessment Act of 1964; provides assistance regarding various property tax exemption and abatement programs; oversees compliance of municipal assessors regarding statutory and regulatory responsibilities, and tenure and terms of office; reviews and investigates complaints pertaining to municipal assessors; administers biannual Tax Assessor Certification examinations and issues tax assessor certificates; administers assessors’ continuing education and recertification programs; researches and verifies eligibility of Homestead Rebate referrals through field inspections and inquiries to municipal offices; coordinates annual assessor work calendar; assists in defense of Table of Equalized Valuations in cooperation with Local Property field personnel and the Attorney General's Office as required; prepares written guidelines and materials on various property tax programs and statutes for use by assessors and county tax board members; responds to general taxpayer inquiries and correspondence and legislative referrals regarding property tax matters.

Division's Organizational Chart

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/21/14

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