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Division of Taxation

2023 Partnership Returns

Electronic Filing and Payment Options

Electronic Filing Requirement:
NJ-1065 filers that have ten or more partners are required to file by electronic means. For partnerships with 50 partners or less, we provide a free online partnership filing application.

Prior Year Partnership Returns

Return Number Return Name Filing Type
NJ-1065 Partnership Return and Filing Fee NJ-1065
NJ-1065 Instructions for NJ-1065 NJ-1065
NJ-1065E Exempt Corporate Partner Statement NJ-1065
NJ-1065-V Payment Voucher for NJ-1065 NJ-1065
NJK-1 Partner's Share Of Income NJ-1065
Schedule L Complete Liquidation NJ-1065
501-GIT New Jersey Gross Income Tax Domestic Production Activities Deduction NJ-1065
GIT-DEP Gross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet NJ-1065
NJ-NR-A Business Allocation Schedule and Instructions NJ-1065
PART-200-T Partnership Application for Extension of Time to File Form NJ-1065 NJ-1065
PART-200-T PART-200-T Fee Worksheet NJ-1065
NJ-CBT-1065 Partnership Return - Corporation Business Tax NJ-CBT-1065
NJ-CBT-1065 Instructions for NJ-CBT-1065 - Corporation Business Tax NJ-CBT-1065
NJ-CBT-V Payment Voucher for NJ-CBT-1065 NJ-CBT-1065
CBT-206 Partnership Application for Extension of Time to File Form NJ-CBT-1065 NJ-CBT-1065
CBT-206 CBT-206 – Fee Worksheet NJ-CBT-1065
CBT-160-P Underpayment of Estimated NJ Partnership Tax NJ-CBT-1065

Last Updated: Thursday, 12/07/23