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Division of Purchase and Property

Notice of Means to Access State Contracts Predicated on Federal Supply Schedules and Other Federal Procurement Programs

In accordance with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 52:34-6.1, State agencies and other eligible New Jersey public entities may use State contracts issued by the Division of Purchase and Property (DPP) that allow access to products and services offered via the Federal Supply Schedules or other Federal procurement program contracts.

DPP’s listing of current, usable State contracts for select products or services offered via Federal Supply Schedule or other Federal procurement programs can be accessed via DPP’s website, specifically at

Within the listing, State contracts based upon a Federal Supply Schedule have a “G” as the prefix to a four digit number. The current Federal government’s Federal Supply Schedules website links are listed below.


Schedule List:

A new webpage on the DPP website regarding Federal Supply Schedules will be forthcoming.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 09/05/19