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Division of Purchase and Property

Request for Response: eProcurement Software

The State of New Jersey is seeking to purchase an eProcurement Software package through State Contract M0003, the State’s software contract listed on our contracts website. The State is conducting a Request for Response to Statement of Objectives with the intent of procuring an eProcurement System from a vendor whose eProcurement products and services best meet the a negotiated statement of work at a cost most favorable to the State and whose eProcurement products and services are available to the State through one or more of the reseller contractors on the State’s Software Contract M0003.

All potential vendors, whether they presently offer their eProcurement software packages through M0003 or not, are welcome to submit a response. M0003 is a Massachusetts multiple vendor contract with three resellers, Dell Marketing, En Pointe Technologies and Software House International (SHI), which the State of New Jersey joined through a participating addendum. The Massachusetts contract allows software vendors whose software is not presently in the resellers’ software catalogs, to add it to one or more of the software resellers’ catalogs, which would make the software available to all of the public entities, including New Jersey, who participate in the Massachusetts contract. See: (MA Contract Information)

The RFR is available for download.

Responses must be submitted no later than 2:00 pm on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. The RFR provides specific instructions and required content for a response submission.

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