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Division of Purchase and Property

Contract Index Number G-8039 Inspection of Fire Suppression, Contract # 83717

Please note that that the Division of Purchase and Property has received allegations that SimplexGrinnell is overcharging the State for services, attaching terms and conditions to its quotes which it purports supersede the State’s Terms and Conditions and finally requiring State agencies to sign additional agreements with SimplexGrinnell. 

Given all of the foregoing, the State has served a cease and desist letter upon Simplex Grinnell and directed that SimplexGrinnell take timely corrective action. 

Should anyone have experienced any of the aforementioned unacceptable Simplex Grinnell practices please immediately advise Viktoriya Usachenok at 609-292-8983.

If your agency intends to purchase products or services under the SimplexGrinnell contract, please carefully check any prices quoted against the price sheets for the contract, which are available at:

and do not sign any additional documents presented by SimplexGrinnell to make the purchase.

Should you have any questions about the use of this contract, please advise Viktoriya Usachenok.

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Last Updated: Friday, 09/06/19