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Division of Purchase and Property


NOTICE OF INTENT TO PARTICIPATE IN COOPERATIVE BLANKET PURCHASE ORDER (P.O.) CONTRACT – Notice is hereby given that the State of New Jersey intends to enter into a publically advertised cooperative purchasing agreement for Telephone-Based Interpreter Services.  These services were previously available under Blanket P.O. {Contract} T1297 Toll Calling Service until September 30, 2013, and currently are being procured through multiple waivers for various agencies. The Interpreter Services portion contained in T1297 was a small facet of this larger Telephone based Bid Solicitation {RFP}. The sole purpose of this New Mexico Cooperative is Telephone-Based Interpreter Services, there are no other services that were contained in T1297 being provided under this new Cooperative Blanket P.O. {Contract}.

Information regarding the Blanket P.O. {Contract} may be found on the New Mexico website.

The State of New Jersey anticipates joining New Mexico’s Blanket P.O. {Contract} in January, 2017.  The State of New Jersey expects to award Blanket P.O.s {Contracts} to Corporate Translation Services, Inc., Linguistica International, and Voiance Language Services, LLC.

The New Mexico Blanket P.O. {Contract} has a term of two (2) years through March 4, 2017, and option for an additional three (3) years of extensions by mutual agreement through March 4, 2020.

Under N.J.S.A. 52:34-6.2, the State of New Jersey is authorized to join competitively bid and awarded cooperative purchasing agreements.

Note that the comment period ends with the close of business on January 10, 2017.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 09/05/19