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Division of Taxation

2001 Archived Tax Information

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Date Subject
Date Subject
12/27/01 Expedited Inheritance and Estate Procedure
12/21/01 Section 529 - Qualified Tuition Plans
12/05/01 New Tax Legislation (12/05/01)
11/01/01 N.J.A.C. 18:2-5.2(a); 18:2-5.5(a) and (b); 18:2-5.8(e) and (f); 18:7-13.8(g); and 18:18A-7.3(a) — General Policies and Procedures Corporation Business Tax Act; Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax Claim for Refund of Payment of an Additional Tax Assessment
10/04/01 Sales Tax Notice - Taxability of Flags
09/18/01 Small Business Workshop Information for 2001 and 2002
09/06/01 Important Notice to Limousine Dealers and Repairers
08/31/01 Check the status of your NJ SAVER Rebate online!
07/12/01 A-1730 Refund Claims for Paid Additional Tax Assessments Article
07/12/01 Form A-1730 Claim for Refund of Paid Audit Assessment
06/04/01 N.J.A.C. 18:9-1.1 — Uniform Transitional Utility Assessment Adopted New Rules
05/25/01 NJ Sales and Use Tax Guide for Automobile Dealers
02/21/01 IRS Clarifies How to Report New Jersey Property Tax Rebates

Last Updated: Wednesday, 04/15/20