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Division of Taxation

2006 Archived Tax Information

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Date Subject
Date Subject
12/22/06 Now Available - Fall/Winter New Jersey State Tax News
12/21/06 Three Arrested for Allegedly Stealing More than $800,000 From State of New Jersey by Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns (View Attorney General's News Release)
12/13/06 Tax Notes - Sales & Use Tax Exemption - Natural gas & electricity/utility service (Summary of Qualified Businesses - Urban Enterprise Zone (UZ-6 Certificate)
12/06/06 TB-21(R) - Interest Rate Assessed for January 1 through December 31, 2007
11/30/06 Fur Clothing Retail Gross Receipts Tax and Use Tax Notice
11/29/06 Tax Notes - Information Services
11/14/06 Urban Enterprise Zone Sales and Use Tax Refund Procedure
11/02/06 Request for Proposals - Streamlined Sales Tax - Document Publishing
11/02/06 Request for Proposals - Streamlined Sales Tax - Website Development and Hosting
11/01/06 Gross Income Tax - Pension Distribution for Charitable Gift
10/26/06 Filing Deadline for Homestead (FAIR) Rebate and Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) Applications Approaching (View Treasurer's Press Release)
10/24/06 Tax Notes - Investigation and Security Services
10/10/06 Hudson County Businessman Sentenced for Failure to Pay Taxes (View Attorney General's News Release)
10/02/06 Second Round of Homestead (FAIR) Rebate Checks Mailed (View Treasurer's Press Release)
10/02/06 Tax Notes - >Parking, Storing or Garaging A Motor Vehicle
09/27/06 Information Regarding Sales and Use Tax Changes Effective October 1, 2006
09/26/06 Streamlined Sales Tax: Taxability Matrix
09/20/06 Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Interpretation: Prepared Food Definition Of “Food Sold With Eating Utensils Provided By The Seller”
09/20/06 Now Available - Latest Issue of New Jersey State Tax News
08/29/06 Registration Information for Businesses Affected by the Changes to the Sales and Use Tax Act Effective October 1, 2006
08/23/06 2006-2007 Budget Bills
08/21/06 Trenton Police and NJ Taxation Division Target Illegal Cigarette Sales (View Treasurer's Press Release)
08/16/06 Information on Sales Tax Refund Claims Filed by UEZ Businesses
08/09/06 Notice: Information on Filing Claim for Refund of 1% Sales Tax
08/01/06 Deadline to file 2005 Homestead (FAIR) rebate and 2005 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications extended to October 31, 2006. (View Treasurer's Press Release)
08/01/06 The Division of Taxation will begin mailing Homestead (FAIR) Rebate checks for senior and disabled homeowners and all eligible tenants on August 7. (View Treasurer's Press Release)
08/01/06 Check the status (amount) of your 2005 FAIR Rebate
07/25/06 Letter to County Clerks Regarding Realty Transfer Fee Legislation (P.L. 2006, C. 33)
07/25/06 Notice to All Businesses Regarding Changes to the Sales and Use Tax Act Effective October 1, 2006
07/21/06 TB-47(R) - Domestic Security Fee - Revised
07/21/06 Paterson Man Indicted for Allegedly Stealing $210,000 by Filing False Claims for State Tax Refunds and Homestead Rebates (View Attorney General's News Release)
07/20/06 Fur Clothing Retail Gross Receipts Tax and Use Tax
07/19/06 Division of Taxation Revises Sales Tax Exemption Forms
07/18/06 Tax Relief for NJ Flood Victims
07/17/06 Notice Regarding New Transferee’s/Grantee’s Fee on the Transfer/Purchase of Certain Commercial Real Property Where the Consideration Exceeds $1,000,000.00
07/17/06 Property Tax Reimbursement Checks on the Way (View Treasurer's Press Release)
07/14/06 Tax Rate Schedules Effective July 15, 2006
07/14/06 Notice of Cigarette Tax Increase and Tobacco Products Wholesale Sales Tax on Moist Snuff
07/14/06 Cigarette Tax: Minimum Wholesale and Retail Price Sheet and Letter
07/13/06 FAIR Homeowner Rebate Applications Mailed (View Treasurer's Press Release)
07/11/06 New Jersey Corporation Business Surtax and Minimum Tax Changes
07/10/06 Notice to All Motor Vehicle Rental Companies
07/10/06 Notice to All Sales and Use Tax Vendors Regarding Rate Increase from 6% to 7%
07/10/06 Fiscal Year 2007 State Budget Changes
06/21/06 Now Available - Spring 2006 New Jersey State Tax News
06/19/06 Tax Assessor Examination Offered (View Treasurer's Press Release)
06/16/06 Toms River Businessman Sentenced on Cigarette Tax Evasion (View Treasurer's Press Release)
06/15/06 Newark Daycare Operators Charged With Theft/Tax Evasion (View Attorney General's Press Release
06/09/06 Notice: Outdoor Advertising Fee Rate Reduction
06/01/06 Domestic Production Activities Deduction
05/25/06 Deadline for senior and disabled homeowners to file 2005 FAIR homeowner rebate and 2005 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications extended to August 15, 2006.(View Treasurer's Press Release)
05/09/06 Emergency Response Fee (9-1-1) - Notice to Telecommunications Providers; Exemption from the Emergency Response Fee
05/01/06 2005 Homeowner Property Tax Rebate Applications To Be Mailed (View Treasurer's Press Release)
04/12/06 Division of Taxation to Offer Extended Hours For Final Days of Tax Filing Season (View Treasurer's Press Release)
03/31/06 Natural Gas Sales & Use Tax Exemption
03/23/06 NJ One-Day Tax Seminar - Hilton Woodbridge Hotel, Iselin, NJ on April 21, 2006
03/06/06 Now Available - Winter 2005 New Jersey State Tax News
03/03/06 Electronic Filing Dominates Tax Season, Speeds Refunds (View Treasurer's Press Release)
02/10/06 Virginia Woman Arrested in Bid to Sell Untaxed Cigarettes
02/10/06 Notice Energy Vendors/UEZ Business/Salem County Business
02/01/06 Mercer Prosecutor and N.J. Taxation Division Target Illegal Cigarettes and DVDs (View Treasurer's Press Release)
01/31/06 NJ Sales Tax Exemption for Drugs and Medical Equipment (New)
01/30/06 Lanco, Inc. v. Director, Division of Taxation
01/23/06 Monmouth County Attorney/businessman Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail and Ordered to Pay $4.8 Million after Pleading Guilty to Tax Fraud (View Attorney General's Press Release
01/12/06 Treasurer Targets Illegal Practice of Cigarette 'Rebating' (View Treasurer's Press Release)

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