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Division of Taxation

2008 Archived Tax Information

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Date Subject
Date Subject
12/31/08 Notice to Fur Clothing Sellers Effective January 1, 2009
12/26/08 Form IF-1 no longer required to be filed with the State
12/19/08 New Net Operating Loss Carryover Enacted
12/19/08 Governor Corzine Signs Legislation Expanding New Jersey Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) Program
12/19/08 New Net Operating Loss Carryover Enacted
12/16/08 TB-21(R) - Interest Rate Assessed for January 1 through December 31, 2009
12/05/08 Notice to Construction Industry: Obligation of Subcontractor to Collect Sales Tax for Taxable Capital Improvements in the Performance of Multi-Trade Construction Contracts
12/03/08 Four Paterson men indicted on charges they conspired to steal $272,000 from state by filing false tax returns (View Attorney General's News Release)
11/07/08 Bergen County Man Admits Stealing $49,000 in Health Benefits from NJ Familycare Program by Underreporting Income on Application (View Attorney General's News Release)
11/05/08 Now Available - Fall 2008 New Jersey State Tax News
10/28/08 Newark Daycare Operator Sentenced to Jail for Theft of State Funds (View Attorney General's News Release)
10/24/08 October 31 Deadline for Filing Homestead Rebate and Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) Applications Approaching (View Press Release)
09/17/08 Three Members of Jersey City Family Sentenced for Their Roles in a $573,000 Bogus Homestead Rebate Applications Scam (View Attorney General's News Release)
09/15/08 Homeowner Property Tax Relief on its Way
09/03/08 Father and Son Indicted for Failing to Pay State More than $110,000 in Sales Taxes Collected at Their Used Car Dealerships at Shore (View Attorney General's News Release)
08/28/08 Pharmacy Owner Pleads Guilty to Billing Medicaid for HIV/AIDS Prescriptions That Were Never Dispensed (View Attorney General's News Release)
08/19/08 Gross Income Tax: Long Term Travel Expense Reimbursements
08/07/08 Notice: Sales Tax and Fuel Surcharges
07/31/08 Deadline to file 2007 homestead rebate and 2007 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications extended to October 31, 2008. (View Treasurer’s Press Release)
07/31/08 First Round of Homestead Rebate Checks to be Mailed (View Treasurer’s Press Release
07/31/08 Newark Daycare Operator Convicted of Theft of State Funds (View Attorney General's News Release)
07/15/08 Now Available - Summer 2008 New Jersey State Tax News
07/15/08 Property Tax Reimbursement Checks on the Way (View Treasurer's Press Release)
07/09/08 Asset Transfer Tax Declaration Form and Technical Bulletin (TB-60)
07/08/08 New Division Policy on 1/2 Gallon Pricing at Retail Gasoline Stations
07/07/08 Pennsylvania Man Indicted For Allegedly Stealing $44,000 From State Of New Jersey By Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns (View Attorney General's News Release)
07/02/08 Notice - Exempt Organizations Selling Carnival and Circus Admissions And Tickets
07/01/08 Homestead Property Tax Rebate Applications to be Mailed (View Treasurer's Press Release)  
05/27/08 Filing deadlines for 2007 Homestead Rebate and Senior Freeze (PTR) applications extended to August 15, 2008. (View Treasurer’s Press Release)
05/09/08 Judgment Payoff Request Form
05/05/08 Sales Price: the Application of the Bundled Transaction Definition
05/02/08 Now Available - Spring 2008 New Jersey State Tax News
04/28/08 2007 Homestead Property Tax Rebate Applications Mailed (View Treasurer's Press Release)
04/22/08 Notice to Construction Industry
04/17/08 2008 Federal Economic Stimulus
04/11/08 Division of Taxation to Offer Extended Hours as April 15 Filing Deadline Approaches (View Treasurer's Press Release)
03/28/08 New Effective Date - Notice to All Solid Waste Facilities and Haulers
03/17/08 Notice New Retro-Active New Jersey S Corporation Election
03/12/08 TB-21(R) - Interest Rates Assessed for 2008
02/25/08 Now Available- Winter 2007 New Jersey State Tax News
01/28/08 Urban Enterprise Zone Revisions (Effective 02/01/08) - News Release
01/09/08 Former JCP&L Manager, Consultant and Co-Defendant Sentenced For $11.5 Million Ripoff From State Energy Rebate Program (View Attorney General's News Release)

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