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Division of Taxation

Business Tax Clearance Certificate Required for Receiving State Grants, Loans, Incentives, and Rebates

New Jersey offers grants, loans, incentives, and rebates to businesses, and every recipient must obtain a business assistance tax clearance certificate from the Division of Taxation.

Tax Clearance Certificates can be obtained through your Premier Business Services (PBS) portal account. There is no fee for requesting a certificate through the portal. We will return any paper application received from a business that can register for a PBS portal account.

If you are not eligible for a PBS portal account, you may submit a paper application Business Assistance Tax Clearance . Trusts, banking institutions, insurance companies, individuals, local governments, school districts, and counties generally cannot register for a PBS portal account and must submit a paper application. The application should be mailed to the address listed on the form, along with payment for the application fee. An application received without payment will not be processed. No application fee is required for local governments, school districts, or counties.

How to Use Premier Business Services to Obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate

If you are not registered with Premier Business Services, visit the Premier Business Services portal and select New Users Only – Create an Account and follow instructions .

If you are already registered with Premier Business Services, log in. Go to the Tax & Revenue Center. From there, select Business Incentive Tax Clearance. If your account is compliant with its tax obligations and no liabilities exist, the Business Incentive Tax Clearance can be printed directly through the portal. Select the corresponding agency issuing the grant, loan, incentive, or rebate from the drop down menu when printing the certificate. If it cannot be determined that you are eligible for a Business Incentive Tax Clearance, you will be directed to email the Division for further assistance.

If you need assistance with your PBS account, contact the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services at 609-292-9292 or via email at Premier Services Registration at

Questions regarding the Business Assistance or Incentive Clearances may be emailed to

NOTE: A Tax Clearance Certificate will only be issued to businesses or individuals who are registered with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. If you need more information regarding the registration process, proceed to the New Jersey Division of Revenue website.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 02/28/24