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Division of Taxation

Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler Report

If you are an alcoholic beverage manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler licensed by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), you are required to file a report annually to reconcile your sales for the year. You must file this report even if you made no sales during the time period. If you do not provide this report, or the required information on the report, we may deny your request for renewal of your ABC license.

"Wholesale sales" are sales for resale.

Reporting period and due date

The reporting period covers the previous calendar year (January - December). The report is due by March 15 of the current calendar year.

What information to include on the report

You must include your wholesale name, taxpayer ID number, ABC license number, and the total number of retail sales you made during the year. If you did not make any sales for the entire year, enter zero in the "Total Annual Sales" column.

In addition, the report must contain the following information for each retailer who made purchases from you:

  • Retailer ABC license number;
  • Retailer name;
  • Trade name;
  • Address;
  • Total annual sales to the retailer; and
  • Total monthly sales amounts to each retailer. For any month you did not have sales to the retailer, enter zero in the applicable field.

How to file

Use our spreadsheet

Download and complete our MS Excel spreadsheet template .

Once you enter the data on the spreadsheet template, select save as .XLS or .XLSX file. Do not remove any existing text in the spreadsheet.

Be sure to password protect the file when saving your Excel spreadsheet.

Failure to submit the spreadsheet according to the instructions may result in it being rejected and you having to submit a corrected spreadsheet again.

Submit the report

Email the excel spreadsheet to:

Include in the subject line: Alcoholic Beverage Wholesale Report 2023

Do not include the password for the document with the spreadsheet. Send the password in a separate email.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 12/20/23