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Division of Taxation

New Jersey Online Notice Response Service (NJ ONRS)

The New Jersey Online Notice Response Service (NJ ONRS) allows you to securely reply to New Jersey Division of Taxation notices online.

What you need to know to use this secure site:

File Formats We Accept

The file must be in a PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or TIF format.

  • You cannot upload Word or Excel files. For information on how to convert these files to a Portable Document Format (PDF), visit the Microsoft Office website.
  • You cannot upload a locked file. For information on how to unlock a PDF file, visit the Abode website.

How To Prepare Documents for Upload

  • Convert physical documents to digital form by using a scanner or taking a picture with your cell phone;
  • If possible, scan or photograph multiple documents on one page;
  • If you submit multiple uploads for the same notice, enter the DLN (or Reference Number) from the upper right side of the notice each time you upload a new file to link them together;
  • Ensure the documents are legible and you submit all documents requested on the notice.

Notification We Received Your Submission

We will send you two confirmation emails:

  • The first email will confirm the upload was successful.
  • The second email will confirm we received your documents and include a Confirmation Number.

How to Check the Status of Your Submission

  • Enter your confirmation number you received via email after you submitted your correspondence and email address; or
  • If you cannot find your confirmation number, enter your email address and chose the "Resend Last Email" button. We will resend our last email for the most recent submission, including the Confirmation Number and Case identification number.

For more information about this service, visit the NJ ONRS help page.

Last Updated: Friday, 10/21/22