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Division of Taxation

Notice to Tax Practitioners

The State of New Jersey does not require the use of a signature document for New Jersey Gross Income Tax returns filed electronically. Both Form NJ 8879 (NJ-E FILE Signature Authorization) and Form NJ 8453 (State of New Jersey Individual Income tax Declaration for Electronic Filing) have been discontinued. Practitioners who may have completed these forms in the past are not required to retain them in their files.

Although a tax practitioner who files New Jersey tax returns and/or pays New Jersey taxes on behalf of either an individual or business client does not become personally responsible for the payment of the client's tax liabilities, practitioners have the option to use and retain copies of form NJ 8879 as a document to confirm that their client has reviewed their return and attests to its accuracy.

This clarification of practitioner responsibility applies only for New Jersey purposes and does not affect practitioner responsibilities to the IRS or any other state.

Last Updated: Monday, 04/27/20