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Division of Taxation

Pay Tax


First time paper filers are required to mail in a payment. See Option C.

Online filers can use this electronic payment system once their return has been accepted and processed.

If you are using a tax preparer or third-party software provider to file your return, check with them to make sure a payment has not already been scheduled to avoid making a duplicate payment.

Option A

  • Pay a tax balance
  • Make an extension payment
  • Make an estimated tax payment
  • Pay Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) bills
  • Pay Homestead Benefit bills

Option B

  • If your notice directs you to choose Option B to make a payment.

Option C

  • First time paper filers are required to mail in a payment.
  • You can choose to pay by check or money order instead of electronically.

Approved Payment Plans

If you are an individual, and currently on an approved payment plan, use the below options to make your payment.

Business Taxes (Including Self-Employed)


If your tax debt is assigned to our Judgments Unit, or we have filed a Certificate of Debt (COD) in New Jersey Superior Court for outstanding tax debt, you must contact your assigned case worker or the Judgments Unit prior to making a payment.

Inheritance and Estate Tax

Some Inheritance and Estate Tax payments can be made electronically. However, some may need to be mailed.

Cigarette Tax (Individuals)

You will need your Invoice Number and Customer ID to make an online payment. Your invoice and customer ID number are located on your payment voucher.

Payment Plan Information

If you are struggling to meet your tax obligations, we can assist you.

Respond to a Notice or Bill

Do not ignore a bill. If you do not respond to a notice or pay a bill, we may begin collection activity.

Collection Agency

Pioneer Credit Recovery is currently contracted by the New Jersey Division of Taxation to assist in the collection of underpaid and unfiled State taxes.

How We Protect Data

New Jersey automatically encrypts sensitive data when it is exchanged on our secure websites.

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