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Division of Taxation

New Jersey Statistics of Income

Since 2003 (i.e., data for tax year 2001), the Statistics of Income has been published on the Division of Taxation web site. Prior year editions of the Statistics of Income were published in hard copy and distributed to 75 libraries around the state.

All the tables are presented in PDF format. In addition, the detailed tables, which present data by income categories, are also available in an Excel worksheet format. Simply click on the table number shown in blue to be automatically linked to the Excel worksheet. Hit the back arrow to return to the report in PDF format. Please be patient, these are large files that may be slow in loading. Automatic links to the appropriate resident and non-resident tax forms and instruction packets are available at the end of the Appendix.

Any comments or inquiries should be directed to the Office of Revenue and Economic Analysis, at 609-292-2424. Access IRS Statistics of Income.

Last Updated: Thursday, 04/11/24