New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

Contract Administration (PBCA)

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) serves as the Section 8 Performance Based Contract Administrator (PBCA) for the State of New Jersey.


The use of Performance-Based Contract Administrators (PBCA) began as an initiative in 2000 under a performance-based Annual Contributions Contract (ACC). PBCA’s responsibilities focus on the day-to-day monitoring and servicing of the Section 8 HAP contracts.  PBCAs are generally required to administer contracts on a statewide basis and have strict performance and reporting requirements as outlined in the ACC.


As the PBCA, NJHMFA is responsible for the following tasks:

Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs)

As required by HUDS’s business agreements, owners/agents must furnish information to NJHMFA upon request and provide specific answers to questions relative to income, assets, liabilities, contracts, project operations, property condition, and the status of the insured mortgage (if applicable). The MOR will be conducted in accordance with the HUD Handbooks 4350.1, 4350.3 Rev-1, Chg. 4 and applicable HUD Notices.

Purpose of the Form HUD-9834:  The Form HUD-9834 is designed to assess the management and oversight of multifamily housing projects and to determine the level of compliance with HUD’s business agreements.

Rent Adjustment Requests

HAP Contract rent adjustments requested at times other than during contract renewal, must be adjusted in accordance with HUD requirements.

Monthly HAP Voucher Processing and Special Claims Requests

NJHMFA processes the monthly vouchers and tenant data sent by owner/agents.  Special Claims submitted by owner/agents are audited for regular vacancies, unpaid rent, and damages.

Section 8 Contract Renewals

Owners/Agents who want to renew their HAP Contract must request renewal in accordance with HUD regulations and requirements, as amended or revised from time to time, to ensure continued Section 8 assistance.

Responding to Resident Inquiries

Before contacting NJHMFA, residents are encouraged to present their issues, concerns and problems to on-site management (owner/agent) and follow any grievance procedures developed by the property to allow management an opportunity to respond.


Frequently Used Forms and Manuals

1. Direct Deposit Form – 1199A Form

2. OCAF Worksheet – HUD 9625 Form

3. Budget Worksheet – HUD 92547-a Form

4. Sample Rent Comparability Study Report

5. Contract Renewal Request – 9624 Form

HUD Guidelines

1. Contract Renewal Request Form Instructions

2. Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Baseline Utility Analysis

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

Address: 637 South Clinton Avenue | Trenton, NJ 08611
Phone: 609-278-7400

Residential Inquires

Residents are encouraged to present their issues, concerns and problems to on-site management (owner/agent) first and then to follow any grievance procedure developed by the property before contacting our office, in order to allow management an opportunity to respond to their concerns.

Please be advised that NJHMFA must refrain from involvement in: disputes involving third parties, lawsuits involving residents and owners and/or management agents, eviction matters, and interpretations of local laws and ordinances.

Resident concerns may be submitted by sending an email.

NJPBCA Tenant Inquiries Email: