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Small Business

New Jersey’s small businesses are a critical component to New Jersey’s economy. In fact, the State ranks 11th in the number of small businesses in the U.S., with over 861,000 enterprises and counting. That’s impressive, considering New Jersey ranks 47th in size! The State is spearheading programs that make it easier for small businesses to flourish, including free small business consulting services offered by the New Jersey Business Action Center. If you’re ready to launch or grow your venture, New Jersey is proactive and pro-business. Our office also hosts “Resource for Growth” events throughout the year that match business owners with state and county representatives, lenders, and community partners, including the New Jersey Small Business Development Center and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Small Business Advocacy

NJBAC’s Small Business Advocates supports small business throughout the state. From startups to main street businesses, our Advocates can help you access a variety of resources tailored to meet your needs including:

  • Mentoring Assistance
    Whether you are already in business or just starting, having a mentor provides a valuable resource. From creating a business plan to preparing financial statements or developing valuable social media strategies having a business mentor can help your business succeed. The Small Business Advocacy unit will help connect you with programs around the state that offer one on one mentoring opportunities.
  • Financial Resources
    Our Advocates can refer you to a variety of financing options available to your business through the NJ Economic Development Authority and community based micro-lending organizations. We can identify the specific programs for which your business may be eligible and help locate the resources that best meet your needs. Furthermore, we can assist you with credit repair services to help position a favorable application process.
  • Licensing and Professional Certifications
    We offer services that can help you trouble shoot issues you may encounter with licensing or professional certifications.
  • Navigating Regulatory Processes
    Advocating on your behalf, we can coordinate with other state departments to quickly identify any challenges and formulate a sound and effective solution. We can also provide redevelopment guidance and coordination for municipalities and developers.
  • Labor and Workforce Issues
    Hiring and retaining the right people is crucial to the success of your business. We can guide companies through the variety of state training grants and resources to help you recruit the best staff or train new and current employees. Advocates can help provide information on issues regarding employer responsibilities.
  • Procurement Assistance
    When it comes to government contracts, New Jersey offers a variety of resources to help small companies take advantage of these important opportunities. From training and technical assistance, to email notification of requests for proposal (RFPs), our Advocates can provide businesses with essential information and be better positioned to compete for government contracts.
  • Export Assistance
    If you are a small business owner and considering exporting, our Advocates can equip you with valuable information to help you grow your business globally. From exporting basics about regulatory compliance, custom procedures, reporting or other topics we can put you in touch with our team of International Advocates from NJBAC’s Office of Export Promotion who can help you lay the ground work for global success.
  • Business Helpline 1-800-Jersey-7
    Staffed by our Advocates, business support is just one call away. We offer guidance in both English and Spanish on starting a business, incorporating, and accessing government resources. Our Call Center also serves as an important resource in the event of emergencies, storms, and other disasters, providing crucial information and guidance to help businesses recover quickly after a crisis.


For more information call our Business Helpline 1-800-Jersey-7 or (1-800-537-7397)

Small Business

Our small business advocates are here for you. If you’re ready to launch or grow your venture in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place.

Mid-Large Business

Looking to grow your mid-to-large scale business in New Jersey? Our advocates can connect you with the right state departments and agencies, whether you’re looking to start relocation or expansion projects, connect with research facilities, or access site selection resources.

Nonprofit Information

This is the one-stop-shop for nonprofits in New Jersey seeking various funding sources, assistance with charity registration, background checks or regulatory matters.

Export Information

The Office of Export Promotion works with New Jersey’s small and mid-sized companies interested in expanding their products and services through export.

Connect With us

Call Our Business Helpline
1-800-Jersey-7 (1-800-537-7397) can take your business step-by-step through critical government processes. Want to talk through your specific business needs with a live representative? Visit to access the live chat feature and connect with NJBAC experts in real time.

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