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Effective June 15, 2023, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 333, thereby rescinding the Two-Year Chapter 51 requirement for 100% State Funded Construction Contracts for entities that follow a fair and open process.

Form AA-201 - Initial Project Workforce Report, For State Funded Construction Contracts only

Form DC-175 - NJDOT Insurance Certificate

Acceptable Corporate Resolution Template

Form AD-52 - Statement of Joint Venture

Corporate Reorganization of Contractors Form

Form DC-5 - Appointment of Agent By Non-Resident Contractors

Form DC-16 - Disclosure of Investment Activities in Iran (P.L. 2012, c. 25)


Form DC-78 - Certification of Non-Debarment Form

NJ W9 and Instructions


Below link provides guidance to help insure your bid is not rejected for being non-responsive and/or not responsible due to State and Federal


U.S. Department of Transportation Overhauls Century-Old Rule

Prior to this change, federal regulations prohibited state contracting agencies from using federal funds to acquire patented or proprietary materials, products, or services, except under certain limited circumstances.The new rule will take effect on October 28, 2019. It can be viewed online at

S-2557 Concerns Stop-work Orders Related to Prevailing Wage and Construction Worker Employment, signed into law on July 9, 2019 as P.L. 2019, c. 158

Title VI Nondiscrimination Notice to Sub-recipients of Federal Financial Assistance

Periscope Holdings | Visit the NJSTART Procurement website link for Current Bidding Opportunities with The Department of the Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property

All procurement vendors are encouraged to register and update their vendor information via the online NJSTART procurement application at NJSTART.GOV

This applies to both new and existing procurement vendors.

NJSTART Help Desk Support may be reached at 609-341-3500 (option #1) or NJSTART@TREAS.NJ.GOV

If you believe you have an exception and a new vendor must be established with a tax id-based number on NJCFS, please contact

If you are interested in being the third party, impartial member of a Dispute Review Board (DRB) on selected NJDOT projects, you must send your resume and cover letter to Thomas J. Kondash, Jr., Acting-Executive Manager Bureau of Construction Management at For any other questions regarding the DRB, third party candidacy, you can send him an email or call at (609)963-1829. A listing of all Qualified DRB Candidates may be found on the Division of Procurement's Notices webpage.


The following advertisements as well as any and all plans, plan holders lists, addendum for those advertisements may be found on The following bid dates are subject to change due to contract addenda.
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Route 73, West Central Avenue to CR 534 (Jackson Road), Contract No. 008234090, Pavement Preservation, Township of Winslow, Township of Waterford, Borough of Berlin, Township of Berlin, Camden County; Federal Project No: 0073308, UPC No: 234090, PE No: 2207030, CE No: 0431510, DP No: 24125.
Anticipated Construction Advertisement for Electric Vehicle Chargers Summer 2024

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) National Electric Vehicle Formula Program (NEVI) Formula Program funds the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers along designated electric vehicle corridors to establish an interconnected EV charging network across each state and the nation. It is the NJDOT’s (the Department’s) intent to strategically deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in New Jersey and to establish an interconnected network to facilitate data collection, access, and reliability. Funding is available for eligible project costs, including:

  • The acquisition, installation, and network connection of EV charging stations to facilitate data collection, access, and reliability;
  • Proper operation and maintenance of EV charging stations; and,
  • Long-term EV charging station data sharing.

EV charging stations must be non-proprietary, allow for open-access payment methods, be publicly available, and be located along New Jersey’s Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFCs). All applicable Federal statutory and regulatory requirements apply, in accordance with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Standards and Requirements, a Rule by the Federal Highway Administration published on the Federal Register on 02/28/2023. This work will include requirements specific to New Jersey and to the Department’s needs.


It is the Department’s intent to issue a construction advertisement for the first phase of New Jersey’s NEVI EV chargers in Summer 2024.  Use this link for contractor prequalification requirements.


The New Jersey Department of Transportation held a pre-bid meeting on October 17, 2023, Tuesday at 10:00 am for the following project.

NJDOT NEVI Pre-Bid Meeting 10/17/23 Presentation (Rev. 10/20/23)

NJDOT NEVI Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-In Sheet

NJDOT NEVI Pre-Bid Meeting Q&A Rev. 2/16/24

NJDOT NEVI VPIC Q&A Rev. 2/16/24


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan 2024


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