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All contractors submitting bids must be prequalified by the Department of Transportation.

Please read all procurement notices

Contractor Prequalification Requirements
Firms must complete and submit a Contractor's Financial and Equipment Statement Form DC-74A (Rev. 09/2023) to Construction Services and include a Certified Audited or Reviewed Financial Statement, along with a $100.00 check made payable to "Cashier, NJDOT". Please see below for instructions on how to submit the Form DC-74A.

  • In order to view and print Form DC-74A, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is available at no charge here.
    • Having problems reading the form? Try these steps:
      • Right-click on the link above and click "Save Target As", "Save Link As", etc.
      • Save the document in an easily accessible file path (e.g. Desktop, My Documents, etc.).
      • Once downloaded, open the Form DC-74A through the file path. Do not open the Form DC-74A through the Downloads section of your web browser.
    • Still having problems? The form may be requested by e-mail at



Form DC-74A Submission Requirements


In a continued effort to become paperless, Construction Services will now only accept e-mail submissions of the Form DC-74A. Please refer to the following rules regarding the online submission of the Form DC-74A:

  • Please submit the application as one (1) PDF file. This PDF shall include the Form DC-74A as well as any and all attachments (cover letter, registrations, certifications, resumes, schedules, financial statements, etc.).
  • Please make sure the PDF can not be modified or edited.
  • Please name the PDF file as well as the email subject title with the following naming convention: DC74A ContractorName FinancialStatementDate (e.g. “DC74A ABC Contractors 12-31-2021”).
  • Please email all Form DC-74A submissions to Do not email or copy any other individual or entity within NJDOT.

Construction Services does not have the capability to receive online payments at this time. Therefore, Construction Services asks that checks be mailed to the address listed above. Please place attention to the Division of Procurement on the address. Please note the following regarding the receipt of checks by mail:

  • To ensure your firm's application has been received, please include a printed copy of the email sent to containing the application along with the check.
  • Please note that per regulation, the Department is unable to process or review the submitted Form DC-74A until payment has been received. Payment is to be treated as additional information received by the Department, and effective dates of an approved application will be based on the date of receipt of the check (or additional information, whichever is later).

Beginning January 1, 2022, paper applications will no longer be accepted by the Department. Any Form DC-74A received by mail on or after that date will be returned to the contractor.


Rules and Regulations relevant to contractor prequalification can be found here.

Listing of Prequalified Contractors
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