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Safety Service Patrol
My vehicle is disabled, can I get towed to a garage or my home?
Under certain circumstances, Safety Service Patrol (SSP) will relocate a disabled vehicle to the shoulder of the highway to clear an incident and reopen travel lanes for motorists. SSP does not tow but will call a towing service or safety service for a motorist if needed.
How do I get help if my vehicle becomes disabled on the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike or the Atlantic City Expressway?
Each of these agencies provide roadside assistance. Their contact information is:
  • Garden State Parkway
    (New Jersey Turnpike Authority)
    Dial #GSP (#477)
  • New Jersey Turnpike
    (New Jersey Turnpike Authority)
    Dial #95 or wait for the New Jersey State Police to provide assistance
  • Atlantic City Expressway
    (South Jersey Transportation Authority)
    Dial #ACE (#223) or call 609.965.7200
Who do I contact if SSP tagged my vehicle and it has now been removed from the roadway?
Contact the appropriate New Jersey State Police Road Station.
Who do I call if my vehicle was damaged by the SSP driver?
If damage is caused by the SSP, a motorist can contact the State's Risk Management Office at 609.292.4347.
How can I thank the SSP driver who helped me?
Gratitude can be expressed by offering feedback on the service the motorist received from the SSP driver. SSP personnel strive to provide the highest level of customer service and give each motorist they assist an informational brochure (pdf 1.5m) that encourages motorists to share their feedback online.
Is there a brochure that shows what areas the SSP covers that I can keep in my vehicle?
The SSP brochure (pdf 781k) is available online or can be obtained from an SSP driver.
Traffic Operations Centers
I'm getting ready to leave my home, what are the traffic conditions?
Check the 511NJ Travel Information Web site for real time traffic information or call 511. This free service provides an easy, user friendly way for commuters to see where incidents, accidents, congestion and events like weather and construction are happening before they leave their office or home.
I'm already driving in my vehicle, how do I find out traffic conditions now?
Call 511 hands-free for up to the minute traffic information. Motorists can make informed decisions about seeking alternate routes if necessary.
How do I find out about road conditions during a snowstorm or other weather related events?
511NJ is a free service that consolidates traffic and transportation information into a one-stop resource for commuters and motorists in New Jersey. It includes weather events as well as traffic cameras for New Jersey Interstates, the New Jersey Turnpike, and the Garden State Parkway.
How can I find out about future construction in my area?
The 511NJ Travel Information Web site contains real time traffic information relating to planned and future construction and highlights major construction projects.
Who can I contact about the travel time messages displayed on the overhead signs or the Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on the highway?
Questions regarding the travel time and DMS messages on State highways can be emailed to the New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) Correspondence Unit or by phone at 609.530.4690.
I am planning an event to take place on the state's highway, how do I request assistance?
A permit to utilize the state's highway for an event can be obtained from the NJDOT's Permits Section.
What is the purpose of the cameras on the traffic signal structures?
These cameras are traffic signal sensors that provide information to the traffic signal. They are not used for traffic information.
How do I obtain video footage from the traffic cameras?
To obtain video footage, you can submit an online Traffic Camera Video Log Request Form. Certain restrictions apply

Last updated date: October 15, 2020 11:47 AM