Department of Transportation

Traffic Mitigation Plans

The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) Traffic Operations Centers (TOC) provides support and an array of response activities to both planned and unplanned lane closures such as weather-related conditions, emergencies, incidents and special events to minimize traffic impacts for motorists. The following traffic mitigation support is provided:

Essentially, TOC is responsible for analyzing the situation and taking "ownership" of the roadway until the incident/activity has been cleared and traffic returned to normal.

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In recent years, TOC has taken a pro-active approach to determining operational strategies and coordinating appropriate activities on the Department's behalf to manage traffic for special events (concerts, sporting events, visiting public figures, etc.) and significant construction projects such as the Pulaski Skyway Rehabilitation and the I-295/I-76/Route 42 Direct Connection Interchange, statewide.

Special events
For special events, the TOC works with event organizers and the facilities management team (depending on the venue where the event is to be held), as well as other transportation agencies to develop operation plans to minimize the traffic impacts in the vicinity of where the event is taking place. Items such as parking, number of attendees, traffic routes, plan reviews and security must be discussed in detail with department staff and other transportation agencies, to determine the appropriate lane closures required for each special event. After the event takes place, a post-event debriefing is held to review all operational strategies with the event organizers, facilities management team and responder stakeholders to discuss improvements for future events.

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In 2014, NJDOT worked with the National Football League (NFL)
Host Committee, transportation agencies and stakeholders
to develop a traffic operations plan for Superbowl XLVIII
at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey
Significant construction projects
For significant construction projects, TOC works with NJDOT staff, local officials, state and local law enforcement, other transportation agencies, affected businesses and residences to develop traffic mitigation plans to minimize traffic in the project's vicinity. Items such as traffic routes and detours, plan reviews, towing services, possible transit and/or bus routes, permanent and portable Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) to alert motorists about the construction and public meetings with stakeholders are considered in order to determine the appropriate strategies to mitigate traffic while construction is ongoing. Similar to a special event, a post-construction debriefing is held to review all strategies deployed with all involved parties to discuss improvements for future construction activities.
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