Department of Transportation

Travel Time Systems

Travel Time Systems (TTS) are vehicle detectors that can measure the volume and speed of vehicles along the roadway. There are three different roadside TTS in operation on major roadways in New Jersey and the most preferred type of travel time system being utilized is the Bluetooth Sensor.

By displaying travel times on the State's Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), motorists can make informed decisions about their commute patterns. Through this "real time" travel information, motorists using New Jersey's highway system have the ability to avoid, or at least limit exposure to roadway congestion by adjusting their departure times. By utilizing this technology, drivers have tools to better manage their travel plans throughout the state.

Roadways in New Jersey that currently display travel times include: I-78, I-80, I-280, I-287, I-95, I-295 and on limited access state highways such as Route 42 and Route 29.

travel time sign photo

Last updated date: October 15, 2020 10:02 AM