Department of Transportation


The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning reviews and approves all projects as Subject Matter Experts to ensure compliance with the Complete Streets policy. A Complete Streets checklist has been developed to assist Project Managers and Designers to ensure that concepts and designs adhere to the policy.

The checklist applies to all NJDOT projects that undergo the Capital Project Delivery (CPD) Process and is intended for use on projects during the earliest stages of the Concept Development or Preliminary Engineering Phase so that any pedestrian or bicycle considerations are included in the project budget. The Project Manager is responsible for completing the checklist and must work with the Designer to ensure that the checklist has been completed prior to advancement of a project to Final Design.

The following key documents in the CPD Process have been revised to ensure Complete Streets are included in each phase of the project:

Division of Capital Investment Strategies

  • NJDOT Problem Statement
    The Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning now conducts a Complete Streets Tier 1 Screening for all Problem Statements received by the Department.

Division of Capital Investment Strategies/Division of Project Development

Division of Project Development

A Complete Streets incentive is provided to municipalities that apply for Local Aid. The grant programs administered by the NJDOT Division of Local Aid and Economic Development are highly competitive and towns that have a policy will receive an extra point during the application review. A total of 25 points is possible for Municipal Aid applications, with 1 of the 25 points being contingent on the following status:

  • Complete Streets policy approved by the NJDOT Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs
  • Designated Transit Village
  • Recognized as a "Center of Place" under the New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan
  • Designated Pinelands Village

Additionally, NJDOT is integrating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance by working with the ADA Coordinator on prioritizing curb and bus stop inventories.

Last updated date: December 17, 2019 4:37 PM