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Success Stories

Following are examples of high-profile projects in New Jersey that feature Complete Streets elements:

The new Route 36 Highlands Bridge over the Shrewsbury River, opened to traffic in December 2010, incorporates a Complete Street design that provides a new pedestrian overpass in Sea Bright. Bike lanes will now accommodate bicyclists.

The new Route 52 Causeway in Somers Point and Ocean City, has a shared use path to accommodate pedestrians as well as bicyclist that prefer to ride on the path, and the roadway has bicycle compatible shoulders.

route 36 photo

The new Route 36 Highlands Bridge provides bike lanes.
route 52 photo

On the Route 52 Causeway pedestrians can walk on the shared use path, while bicyclists can travel in the bike-compatible shoulder or the shared use path.
route 27 beacon photo route 27 beacon photo

The first pedestrian hybrid beacon on a state highway in New Jersey is at Magnolia Road and Route 27. The hybrid beacon is designed to provide an extra measure of safety for pedestrians who cross busy Route 27 on their way to and from the Metropark train station. It displays red lights requiring motorists to come to a full stop. Unlike traditional traffic signals, the beacon's lights remain off, or dark, until the traffic-control device is activated by a pedestrian.

Route 45 in the City of Woodbury has been converted from a multi-lane roadway into a road with one travel lane in each direction, a left turn lane, and bike lanes. Known as a road diet, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) encourages the use of this technique as a proven safety countermeasure.

The proposed Route 72 Manahawkin Bay Bridge rehabilitation project in Stafford and Ship Bottom will fully accommodate all users upon completion. The Route 72 bridge will have bike lanes and a sidewalk.

Last updated date: December 18, 2019 9:25 AM