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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Complete Streets policy (pdf 252k) was approved on December 3, 2009 with the purpose:

"To create and implement a Complete Streets policy in New Jersey through the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of new and retrofit transportation facilities within public rights of way that are federally or state funded, including projects processed or administered through the Department's Capital Program."

The Complete Streets policy lists exemptions for applying the policy to projects. Exemptions to the Complete Streets policy must be presented for final decision to the Capital Program Screening Committee in writing by the appropriate Assistant Commissioner and documented with supporting data that indicates the reason for the decision and are limited to the following:

1. Non-motorized users are prohibited on the roadway.
2. Scarcity of population, travel and attractors, both existing and future, indicate an absence of need for such accommodations.
3. Detrimental environmental or social impacts outweigh the need for these accommodations.
4. Cost of accommodations is excessively disproportionate to cost of project, more than twenty percent (20%) of total cost.
5. The safety or timing of a project is compromised by the inclusion of Complete Streets.

An exemption other than those listed above must be documented with supporting data and must be approved by the Capital Program Committee along with written approval by the Commissioner of Transportation.

The following is a list of NJDOT projects that have been exempted by the policy:

  • Route 173 Pohatcong Creek Bridge Replacement Project
    (Preliminary Engineering)
    Greenwich Township, Warren County
    Exemption #2. However, an 8 foot shoulder is provided.

  • Routes 49/50 and 47/347 Corridor Enhancements Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Operational Improvements (Final Design)
    Dennis Township, Cape May County
    As this is an ITS project, there are no bicycle or pedestrian issues.

  • Route 22 over Chestnut Street (County Route 626) Bridge Replacement
    (Final Design)
    Union Township, Union County
    Exemptions #3 and #4. However, 8 foot shoulders were maintained for bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Route 29 (Drainage Project)
    City of Trenton, Mercer County
    As this is a drainage project, there are no bicycle or pedestrian issues.

  • I-280, Route 21 Interchange Improvements Project
    (Preliminary Engineering)
    City of Newark, Essex County/Harrison, Hudson County
    Exemptions #1 and #2. Pedestrian access is not recommended on the Stickel Bridge and ramps.

  • I-295 Northbound to Route 1 Exits - ITS Improvements
    (Final Design)
    Lawrenceville and Hamilton, Mercer County
    ITS project, no bicycle and pedestrian issues.

  • Route 23/I-80 Long-term Interchange Improvements Project
    (Preliminary Engineering)
    Wayne, Passaic County
    Exemptions #1 and #2.

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