Department of Transportation

2030 Long Range Plan

Plan Documents

As a statewide transportation policy document, Transportation Choices 2030 sets the direction for future investments.

The Regional Transportation Plans prepared by the state’s three metropolitan planning organizations discuss how these investment strategies will be implemented in each region through specific studies and projects. This plan also satisfies federal and state legal mandates.

The integration of transportation and land use planning, also referred to as smart growth, serves as the foundation for this long-range plan. Focusing development and redevelopment in centers that support public transit, walking and bicycling, and that shorten trips that must be made by car, is essential to achieving a sustainable transportation system. Continued investment in the following is also crucial to ensure New Jersey’s continued growth and prosperity:

  • Expanded and enhanced public transportation.
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improve operations.
  • Improvements to move more freight by rail and policies that support moving freight during non-rush hours.
  • Measures that shift travel out of cars, move trips to other times of the day and eliminate some auto trips.
Additional details and electronic versions of the Transportation Choices 2030 are provided here: Additional materials that accompany the plan, executive summary and urban supplements include the following: Please email your comments.

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