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2030 Long Range Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Jersey Long Range Transportation Plan?
The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and NJ TRANSIT has released the draft Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Choices 2030.
Transportation Choices 2030 establishes a vision and policy structure, sets forth strategies, provides a framework for directing investment, and identifies the financial resources needed to sustain the plan's vision.
The eight Urban Supplements required by State law also accompany the long range plan. They address specific transportation needs in Atlantic City, Camden, Elizabeth, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Newark, Paterson and Trenton.
Why prepare a Long Range Transportation Plan?
NJDOT and NJ TRANSIT plan for both the short term and the long term to address New Jersey's growing population and changing transportation needs. Transportation Choices 2030 identifies actionable steps that can be implemented over the next five years that will lay the foundation for long-term solutions for the next 25 years. Federal and state laws also require that a long range transportation plan be prepared.
How was the Transportation Choices 2030 prepared?
NJDOT and NJ TRANSIT, their consultants and stakeholders engaged in a collaborative effort to prepare the plan. The development of Transportation Choices 2030 included an extensive public involvement program, technical assessments and analyses and management reviews that became part of the draft plan. These items may also be found in the Plan Development Documents web page.
How is the public involved?
The community and the public, agencies and transportation professionals throughout the state participated in a Public Involvement Program. Interviews, focus groups, issue groups, an advisory committee and public meetings were a few ways information was shared and input and feedback were obtained. This web site is also used to educate and engage the public, with information about the development of Transportation Choices 2030. The plan development documents for Transportation Choices 2030 have been posted on the web site for review, feedback and reaction. You may also comment on any of the Plan Documents and Plan Development Documents via a comment form on the web-site.
What does Transportation Choices 2030 have to do with smart growth?
Smart growth is the term used to describe well-planned, well-managed growth that adds new homes and creates new jobs, while preserving open space, farmland, and environmental resources. Smart growth supports livable neighborhoods with a variety of housing types, price ranges and forms of transportation. It is an approach to land-use planning that targets the state’s resources and funding in ways that enhance the quality of life for residents in New Jersey. Transportation Choices 2030 is developed in accordance with smart growth principles.
Does Transportation Choices 2030 have any relation to the “State Plan” or the State Development and Redevelopment Plan (SDRP)?
Transportation Choices 2030 has been developed in accordance with the smart growth principles set forth in the SDRP in addition to several other plans that will also provide a framework for the state’s transportation system including the Comprehensive Statewide Freight Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and the New Jersey State Airport System Plan.
How can I receive more information?
For more information about Transportation Choices 2030, please visit Plan Development Documents or submit your comments.

Last updated date: September 27, 2019 1:32 PM