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Division of Purchase and Property

February 5, 2024

Special Notice Notice of Award - M4000 - Express Courier, Overnight, Ground Delivery Logistics

The Division of Purchase and Property would like to inform you of the recent award of M4000 - Express Courier, Overnight, Ground Delivery Logistics, Contract 24-GNSV2-58847 with FedEx. The Contract is open to all State Agencies and Intrastate Cooperative Purchasing Partners. The base term of this Contract is November 28, 2023 through November 27, 2026.

Please follow the Method of Operation for information on how to create a FedEx account to use with this Contract. Please allow 7-10 days for the account to be created. All related files including the Method of Operation, New Account Request Form, Customer Resource Guide, Participating Addendum, Master Agreement, and Price Schedule can be found under the Contract's attachments in NJSTART.

Please note, that the current Waiver for these services with UPS (22-WAIVE-11861) has been extended and will expire on March 30, 2024, to allow for the transition of this new Contract.

Contact information for FedEx regarding their Contract 24-GNSV2-58847 can be found in the Method of Operation attachment located in NJSTART.

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Last Updated: Monday, 02/05/24