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Division of Purchase and Property

October 3, 2019

Special Notice

Bid Solicitation #19DPP00381 T2848 - Preventive Maintenance and Testing of Generators

Please be advised that this is a reprocurement of the services under T2848 - Preventive Maintenance and Testing of Emergency Standby Generatorsterm Blanket P.O., and T1299 – Emergency Generator Maintenance and Testing – Southern State Correctional Facility (SSCF) and South Woods State Prison (SWSP) term Blanket P.O.

Vendors {Bidders} are cautioned that this new Bid Solicitation addresses current requirements. Please note that Generator Rentals, are not included within this Bid Solicitation. Generator Rental services are now provided under G4010 – Statewide Equipment and Space Rental.

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Last Updated: Friday, 10/04/19