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Welcome to RetireReady NJ. The easy way to save for retirement.

RetireReady NJ is a new retirement savings program, created by the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program Act. Many workers in New Jersey do not have access to a private retirement savings plan. RetireReady NJ was created to help bridge the gap in retirement savings for the citizens of New Jersey.

With RetireReady NJ, businesses can help their employees save for retirement in a Roth or Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) through convenient payroll deductions. This new program is an easy way for New Jersey workers to save for the future.

Great Benefits to Help You Succeed

Employer Benefits

  • No cost for employers
  • Getting started is fast and easy
  • Works seamlessly with your payroll process
  • Stay competitive by offering access to a great benefit to your employees
  • Requires very little time and administration

Saver Benefits

  • A secure and simple way to save for retirement
  • Moves with you through career changes without complicated rollovers
  • Customizable contribution amounts to meet your needs
  • Voluntary enrollment: You will be automatically enrolled, or you can opt out and re-enroll later
  • Access to online tools as well as real people who are trained to answer your questions

RetireReady NJ expands New Jerseyans' access to retirement savings

More than one quarter of Americans have not saved any money for retirement. 1 RetireReady NJ can help you bridge the gaps in your retirement savings.
"Saving for retirement is paramount for all employees, but too often, those who work for small businesses don't have a simple way to set aside these savings. By creating the Secure Choice Savings Program, we are ensuring that every worker in New Jersey will have the opportunity to save for the future. We are creating more opportunities for future retirees and generations of workers to follow." - NJ Governor Phil Murphy

Last Updated: Thursday, 07/18/24


1. "Your Evening Briefing: One in Four Americans Have No Retirement Savings," Bloomberg, 17 April 2023.