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Help your business and employees thrive

RetireReady NJ is New Jersey's new state-administered retirement savings program. This program will give businesses like yours an easy way to help employees save for the future. Employers can also market this valuable benefit to help attract, motivate, and retain their most valuable resources, their employees. Once you register, the savings are automatic for your employees. We'll contact them about their options and assist them with any desired changes to their accounts.

Our pilot will launch in Spring 2024, with plans for the full Program to open in Summer 2024. When fully opened, every New Jersey employer with 25 or more employees will need to register with the program if they don't already offer their own qualified retirement savings plan.

Program Benefits

Here's how RetireReady NJ benefits you as an employer:

  • It's FREE to facilitate.
  • It's easy to set up: No complex administration and minimal ongoing responsibilities.
  • It lets you focus on your business, with easy integration into your payroll process.
  • It's a valuable benefit to attract and retain employees by giving them a simple and secure way to save through automatic payroll contributions into an IRA.
  • You have no fiduciary responsibilities, meaning you are not responsible for the investment decisions or outcomes of any employees that participate in the program.
  • You are not responsible for matching contributions. It is not permitted by the program.

RetireReady NJ can work for you

Retirement savings programs can help attract and retain employees and increase productivity. 1 If you are an employer and you are interested in receiving information about registering when our program becomes active, provide us with your contact information.

"Saving for retirement is paramount for all employees, but too often, those who work for small businesses don't have a simple way to set aside these savings. By creating the Secure Choice Savings Program, we are ensuring that every worker in New Jersey will have the opportunity to save for the future. We are creating more opportunities for future retirees and generations of workers to follow." - NJ Governor Phil Murphy

Last Updated: Thursday, 05/16/24


1. Andrew Glazer, "Why Offering Retirement Benefits Helps Attract And Retain Top Employees," Forbes, 12 September, 2023.