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It's easy to start saving for retirement

Coming this spring: RetireReady NJ brings you a flexible, secure, and seamless way to strengthen your financial future! You can start automatically saving part of each paycheck, and the amount is up to you. RetireReady NJ is totally voluntary, so you can opt out any time. If you do opt out, you can always re-enroll at a time that's better for you.

It's never too early or too late to start thinking about retirement. Let RetireReady NJ help you make the most of it.

Build your future with RetireReady NJ

RetireReady NJ is a retirement savings program that puts you in control of your financial future. This is an opportunity to invest in yourself. With RetireReady NJ, you'll have your own retirement savings account where you control how much you contribute.

  • It's easy. Once you're added to the program, you'll be signed up automatically for payroll contributions, unless you choose to opt out.
  • You're in control. You decide how much you'd like to contribute each month from your paycheck, after taxes are deducted.
  • It's your money and account. If you change jobs, or leave your job, your money and your account go with you.
  • Map your financial future. RetireReady NJ offers tools and resources to help you maximize your savings in retirement and reach your financial goals.

More than a quarter of American workers have not set aside any money for retirement. 1

"Saving for retirement is paramount for all employees, but too often, those who work for small businesses don't have a simple way to set aside these savings. By creating the Secure Choice Savings Program, we are ensuring that every worker in New Jersey will have the opportunity to save for the future. We are creating more opportunities for future retirees and generations of workers to follow." - NJ Governor Phil Murphy

Last Updated: Thursday, 05/16/24


1. "Your Evening Briefing: One in Four Americans Have No Retirement Savings," Bloomberg, 17 April 2023.