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2004 Archived Tax Information

Date Posted
12/30/04 California Tax Amnesty - February 1, 2005 - March 31, 2005
12/23/04 Waiver of Seller's Filing Requirement of GIT/REP Forms and Payment for Corrected Deed With No Consideration
12/21/04 Taxation Agents Seize 9,097 Cartons of Counterfeit Cigarettes in Lodi (View Treasurer's Press Release)
12/16/04 Practitioner E-Filing Requirement - Frequently Asked Questions
12/09/04 Husband and Wife Sentenced for Theft of State Taxes (View Treasurer's Press Release)
12/07/04 New Withholding Rate Tables Effective September 1, 2004, and January 1, 2005
12/01/04 Corrective or Confirmatory Deeds - Chapter 55, Laws of 2004
12/01/04 Monmouth County Businessman Charged With $5 Million
Theft of State/Federal Tax (View Attorney General's Press Release)
11/24/04 2004 Attorney Fee Notice
11/05/04 Waiver of Seller's Filing Requirement of GIT/REP Forms and Payment, Chapter 55, Laws of 2004
11/05/04 Gross Income Tax Withholdings on Real Estate Residency Status under the Seller's Residency Certification/Exemption Chapter 55, Laws of 2004
11/03/04 Pair Sentenced for Counterfeit Cigarette Smuggling Scheme (View Treasurer's Press Release)
11/03/04 Notice to Energy Vendors/UEZ Businesses
10/26/04 Consolidated Reporting For Filers of the Motor Vehicle Tire Fee
10/20/04 Notice - Electronic Filing of Tax Returns
10/15/04 New Jersey 9-1-1 System and Emergency Response Fee
10/13/04 Gross Income Tax Withholdings on Real Estate Bankruptcy Trustee Sales
10/12/04 Calif. Chiropractor & Sister Plead Guilty to $67,000 Tax Fraud (View Attorney General's Press Release)
10/05/04 New Jersey Motor Vehicle Tire Fee
10/05/04 New Jersey Cosmetic Medical Procedures Gross Receipts Tax
09/27/04 Cherry Hill Couple Pleads Guilty to Theft of Tax Money (View Camden County Prosecutor's News Release)
09/24/04 Special Notice to Tax Practitioners on E-Filing Requirement
09/14/04 NJ Tax Relief for Florida Hurricane Victims
09/08/04 Sales Tax Exemption - Zero Emission Motor Vehicles
08/23/04 Passaic County Tax Preparer Sentenced to State Prison After Pleading Guilty to $100,000 State Income Tax Fraud (View Attorney General's Press Release)
08/23/04 Gross Income Tax Withholdings on Real Estate Sheriff Sales
08/11/04 New Jersey Transfer Inheritance and Estate Taxes - Domestic Partnership Act
08/03/04 Cosmetic Medical Procedures Gross Receipts Tax
07/28/04 Nebraska Tax Amnesty - August 1, 2004 through October 31, 2004
07/23/04 Notice To Out of State Motor Vehicle Dealers And Lessors
07/22/04 West Virginia Tax Amnesty - September 1, 2004 through November 1, 2004
07/21/04 Flood Disaster Relief – Extensions To File Or Pay Taxes, Real Property Assessments
07/20/04 Texas Prison Inmates Get Federal Prison For Tax Scam (View U.S. Attorney's Press Release)
07/19/04 Air Toxics Surcharge
07/14/04 New Jersey Offers Settlement Initiative for 'Son of Boss' Tax Shelters and Other Abusive Tax Transactions (Treasurer's Press Release)
07/14/04 Notice for Payors of Estimated Gross Income Tax
07/13/04 Significant Changes to CBT Administration
07/12/04 To All Energy Companies Subject to Tefa
07/09/04 The Domestic Partnership Act - New Jersey Income Tax/Inheritance Tax
07/07/04 Passaic County Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to $100,000 Tax Fraud (View Attorney General's Press Release)
07/06/04 Spill Compensation And Control Tax Notice of Tax Rate Increase
07/02/04 Notice To Outdoor Advertising Sign Licensees And Permit Holders
07/01/04 Notice To Telecommunications Providers
06/30/04 Notice To Employers – New Withholding Rates Effective September 1, 2004
06/30/04 Motor Vehicle Tire Fee Subjectivity Waiver
06/30/04 Notice to All Vendors and Lessors of New Motor Vehicles New Motor Vehicle Tires (Effective August 1, 2004)
06/11/04 Store Raid Turns-up Untaxed Cigarettes (View Asbury Park Press Article)
06/09/04 JCA Executives Plead Guilty (View Criminal Justice Press Release)
06/02/04 Notice To Hotels, Motels And Similar Facilities
05/28/04 Deadline for filing 2003 Property Tax Reimbursement Applications extended to August 2, 2004 (View Governor's Press Release)
05/24/04 Camden County Businessman Admits Million Dollar Insurance Fraud and Tax Swindle (View Attorney General's Press Release)
05/21/04 Husband and Wife Face Criminal Charges for Theft of State Taxes (View Treasurer's Press Release)
05/21/04 Notice to Tax Practitioners
05/21/04 Notice To Software Vendors, Consultants And Related Businesses - May 20, 2004
04/23/04 Division of Criminal Justice - Financial Crimes Bureau Charges Owner of Elizabeth Go-Go Bar with Cheating State Out of $88,000 in Sales Tax Revenue (View Treasurer's Press Release)
04/16/04 Electronic Filing Hits Milestone as Method of Choice for Taxpayers (View Treasurer's Press Release)
04/14/04 Taxation Agents Uncover Cigarette Trafficking Operation (View Treasurer's Press Release)
04/08/04 Treasury Provides Taxpayer Assistance as April 15 Deadline Approaches (View Treasurer's Press Release)
03/03/04 Fraud Investigation Results in Passaic County Tax Preparer Charged with Masterminding $700,000 Tax Fraud Scheme (Attorney General's Press Release)
02/23/04 Taxation Agents and Municipal Police Arrest Cigarette Trafficker (View Treasurer's Press Release)
02/17/04 Electronic Filing & Payment - Tax Practitioner Liability
02/13/04 Attorney General and State Treasurer Target Tax Cheats (View Press Release)
02/04/04 Prison Inmates Charged in Tax Refund Scheme (View Treasurer's Press Release)
01/29/04 NJ FastFile Offers Convenience, Speedier Refunds (View Treasurer's Press Release)
01/21/04 Notice for Military Servicepersons: Servicemember's Civil Relief Act
01/20/04 Consequences of Not Dissolving a Corporation
01/09/04 NJ Sales and Use Tax EZ File - File Form ST 50/51 by phone or online
01/05/04 New Jersey CBT Study Commission Interim Report
01/05/04 Approved Software Vendors
2004 New Legislation - 2004
2004 2004 Tax Information

Last Updated: Thursday, 03/30/17

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