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Division of Taxation

Active Military Service Property Tax Deferment

If you are serviceperson, deployed or mobilized for active service in time of war, you may qualify for a deferment of your property tax bill. You may authorize someone to apply for the deferment on your behalf.

  • Once your deployment/mobilization is over, you have 90 days to pay your deferred property taxes;
  • This deferment does not include any tax payments that were delinquent prior to deployment or mobilization;
  • Interest on late deferral payments will be assessed back to their original due date;
  • Sewer, water, electric and other municipal charges may not be deferred;
  • If there is a mortgage on the property with an escrow account for property tax payments, contact your lender regarding the deferment.


The deferment is limited to:

  • Property owned solely by the deployed or mobilized serviceperson;
  • Property owned together with a spouse/civil union partner.

The statute does not permit deferment for:

  • Property owned by the serviceperson and any other person;
  • Property owned by the serviceperson as a corporation, LLC, or partnership

Acceptable Documentary Proofs

  • A copy of military orders for deployment or mobilization;
  • A copy of the orders extending deployment or mobilization, if applicable
  • Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD 214)


File Form AMSPTD and all documentary proofs with the municipal tax collector. If someone is filing on your behalf, please have that person acknowledge and sign the form.


Handbook for New Jersey Assessors (Chapter Four)

Last Updated: Tuesday, 03/17/20