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Division of Taxation

2019 Archived Tax Information

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Date Subject
12/23/2019 Automatic Extension for 2019 Corporation Business Tax Returns for Certain Fiscal Tax Year Filers
12/16/2019 TB-86(R) - Included and Excluded Business Entities in a Combined Group and the Minimum Tax of a Taxpayer That is a Member of a Combined Group
12/13/2019 Updated Guidance for Health Coverage Filings for Employers and Coverage Providers
12/05/2019 Interest Rate Assessed for January 1 through December 31, 2020
11/22/2019 Tax Preparer and her Husband Face Prison Terms for Operating Tax Fraud Scheme in which they stole nearly $250,000 from State of Hawaii
10/31/2019 TB-92(R) Sourcing IRC §951A (GILTI) and IRC §250 (FDII)
10/17/2019 TB-93 The Unitary Business Principle and Combined Returns
10/04/2019 NOTICE: Reporting FDII on Schedule A
09/16/2019 Transient Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions
09/11/2019 Hammonton Man Indicted on Charges of Theft, Fraudulent Tax Filings, Money Laundering
09/09/2019 Automatic 30-Day Penalty Relief for Corporation Business Tax Filing Due October 15, 2019
08/16/2019 Grand Jury hands up a 30-Count Indictment in a Dark Web narcotic trafficking business
08/12/2019 New Certified Tax Assessors
08/05/2019 2 Men Sentenced for Leader of a Narcotics Trafficking Network, Weapons Charges
08/02/2019 Notice: Nursing Home Provider Assessment Rate Increase
08/01/2019 Angel Investor Tax Credit Increase
07/19/2019 TB-91 Banking Corporations and Combined Returns
06/21/2019 TB-90 Tax Credits and Combined Returns
06/20/2019 Pennsylvania Department of Revenue issues warning on scam calls targeting recipients of property tax & rent rebates
06/18/2019 Former Fitness Club Bookkeeper Indicted for Theft.
06/06/2019 Our online payment system will not be available from 6 pm Friday, June 21 until 12 pm Saturday, June 22. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
04/24/2019 Television and Film Industry Information
04/24/2019 Notice: Treatment of Out-of-State Businesses and Employees During a Declared Disaster or Emergency
04/23/2019 TB-88 Combined Groups: Exclusion of Double Inclusion of GILTI and Treatment of Related Party Addbacks
04/12/2019 TB-87 Initial Guidance for Corporation Business Tax Filers and the IRC § 163(j) Limitation
04/10/2019 Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Questions and Answers
04/08/2019 Combined Group Managerial Member Procedures
04/05/2019 N.J. Division of Taxation Postpones Deadlines for Alabama Storm Victims
03/28/2019 Hillsbourgh husband and wife arrested for money laundering
03/15/2019 Correction: 2018 Schedule A-4 of CBT-100 and BFC-1
03/02/2019 She siphoned $850K from her job over 9 years, and a judge just sentenced her to nearly as many in prison
02/05/2019 Notice: Form CBT-DIV 2017 Supplemental Required
02/20/2019 Notice: Amending Form CBT-DIV 2017 Supplemental if Amending Federal Repatriation Statements
01/31/2019 Notice: Amending Form CBT-DIV 2017 Supplemental if Amending Federal Repatriation Statements
01/30/2019 Notice – Form CBT-R – Short-Period Return and Instructions
01/22/2019 Mandatory Registration of a Combined Group by Managerial Member
01/11/2019 Former Toms River Used Car Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Failing to Pay State $185,000 in Sales Tax He Collected from Customers
01/03/2019 Automatic Extension for Corporation Business Tax Returns for Certain Fiscal Tax Year Filers with November 15, 2018 and December 15, 2018, or January 2019 Due Dates

Last Updated: Wednesday, 01/13/21