Office of the Executive Ombudsperson

Holly Foster, Director


The Office of the Executive Ombudsperson (OEO) was created in January of 2023, and acts as a centralized resource for Appointing Authorities and external stakeholders to obtain information and assistance concerning processes and procedures involving the Civil Service Commission (CSC). In addition, the office works with CSC’s internal divisions and offices to enhance responsiveness and introduce efficiencies to Appointing Authorities across state departments and local municipalities.

OEO serves as a conduit to help state and local agencies navigate through consequential and not-so-consequential matters that do not necessarily touch upon CSC’s policies and practices, especially N.J.S.A. 11A and N.J.A.C. Title 4A. Through regular on-site visits, OEO strives to establish trust and create meaningful opportunities for state and local governments to work collaboratively. Staff assists state and local Appointing Authorities to address human resource needs, identify proper state government resources, and solve problems that directly impact the operations of state and local agencies.

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Office of the Executive Ombudsperson
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Holly Foster
Phone: 609-690-8109

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