IT Recruit NJ

In response to the need to fill entry-level government Information Technology (IT) positions across New Jersey, and to complement Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 327 to expand recruitment and retention efforts in public service, the Civil Service Commission has created the IT Recruit NJ program.

This program is designed to provide a pathway for individuals interested in an IT career in State government, but who may not have had any formal training/college or prior work experience in the IT field. These individuals may have taken computer, information technology, and STEM courses in high school, which could provide a solid foundation for the entry-level IT positions currently available across the state.

Graduating high school seniors are encouraged to apply, as well as early college students who would benefit from the on-the-job training offered as a part of the program. Recruits will enter using the Information Technology Assistant title and have several career paths available to them as they progress through their state service.

IT Recruit NJ positions are non-competitive and have a projected start date of June/July 2024.


How it Works

1) Scroll through the list to determine which position/location you are interested in.

2) Click on the PDF icon to view the Announcement and follow the directions listed to apply. Be sure to include a copy of your high school transcript with your application(s) by the closing date listed on the announcement.

3) Make sure your contact information is up to date, as you will be contacted by the hiring agency directly if they wish to interview you for the position.

Current Available Openings

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