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Grant Opportunities for Artists
The nearly 50,000 professional artists who call New Jersey home form the very heart of the cultural community of this state. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when one considers the thousands more for whom artistic creation, performance and interpretation are a vocational, cultural, religious or recreational interest of the highest personal and community priority. Artists are the creative capital of our communities and this is why it is the Arts Council's goal to promote them, encourage them, assist them to achieve their highest ambitions and help a wider public understand and appreciate all that artists do to make New Jersey a better place.

The Council supports artists in several important ways, through a wide array of programs and services that recognizes, encourages and showcases their talents. In turn, such recognition brings their work to the attention of organizations and communities everywhere to embrace and support this remarkable "creative capital" that helps make New Jersey great.
Folk Arts Apprenticeships

Awarded to individuals annually to encourage the preservation of valued, traditional art forms by providing stipends to master folk artists who help apprentices develop important skills. The application process requires that each apprentice apply with a master artist as a team.

Deadlines & Schedule for the FY20 Folk Arts Apprenticeship Grant Application Process
  • The FY20 Folk Arts Apprenticeship application will open in SAGE in January 2019.
  • he FY20 Folk Arts Apprenticeship application must be efiled in SAGE by Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Requests for extensions to the deadline will not be permitted.
  • Peer Panel Deliberation and Review May 2019
  • Council Grants Committee Review June 2019
  • Council Votes on Award Recommendations Annual Meeting July 2019

Technical Assistance Workshops

Folk Arts Apprenticeship Guidelines
Individual Artist Fellowship Awards

Highly competitive awards to New Jersey artists in 12 different arts disciplines awarded solely on independent peer panel assessment of work samples submitted. The anonymous process is focused solely on artistic quality, and awards may be used to help artists produce new work and advance their careers. This program is carried out in partnership with the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.

The submission deadline for our 2019 Individual Artist Fellowship has passed. Please sign up for Opportunities for the Field to learn more about upcoming Fellowship Awards and opportunities for artists.

FY 2019 Artists' Fellowship Recipients

Clement A. Price Arts Management Intern Program

This program is named in honor of Dr. Clement Alexander Price (1945-2014), former Council Chair, beloved friend of the arts community and an unparalleled force of knowledge, humanitarianism and leadership.

Administered as a cosponsored program with Rutgers University, the objectives of the program are as follows:

  • to provide practical experience to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as other applicants who intend to pursue careers in arts-related professions;
  • to provide an opportunity to learn about and contribute to State Arts Council operations, grants and programs, communications and artist services;
  • to provide New Jersey arts organizations with a potential pool of promising future arts administrators
For more information please contact Tammy Herman at 609-292-4435 or