Department of Transportation

Crash Records

The State Highway Safety Data Improvement Grant Program under Section 411 of Title 23 - Highways, United States Code, has afforded the State of New Jersey the opportunity to make needed improvements in its Traffic Safety Information Systems.

By improving the availability of more timely, accurate, complete, uniform, integrated and accessible traffic crash data, New Jersey State and Federal agencies would be better equipped to identify State and local transportation safety problems and to evaluate their programs and countermeasures.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), Bureau of Transportation Data and Safety (BTDS) collects all crash reports (NJTR-1 forms) statewide from state and local law enforcement agencies. The BTDS receives an average of 320,000 crash reports per year that need to be processes, scanned, verified and stored in a database. This information is used mainly to develop the Department's Safety programs.

Crash records are also used by NJDOT's Designers, Planner and Traffic Engineers, as well as other outside user groups. In addition, crash data is sent on a regular basis to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety (NJDHTS), Federal Motor Carriers and New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). The NJDHTS uses the information to support their educational and grant programs, the Federal Motor Carriers use the information for its Safety Net Program and the MVC uses the data to support driver licensing efforts.

Last updated date: July 8, 2019 3:22 PM