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2003 Archived Tax Information

Date Posted
12/31/03 Notice: 2003 State of New Jersey Litter Control Fee
12/22/03 New Jersey Sales and Use Tax EZ File - Frequently Asked Questions
10/31/03 Statistics of Income - 2001 Income Tax Returns: Tax Filing Date April 15, 2002
10/29/03 September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and Qualified Disaster Relief Payments
10/28/03 Fall 2003 New Jersey State Tax News - Now Available
10/22/03 Notice: Municipal Hotel Motel Occupancy Tax Distribution
10/03/03 Revised Form 0-71 is now available. This is the Inheritance and Estate Tax form which is submitted pursuant to N.J.A.C. 18:26-11.30 and 18:26-11.31 by corporations, associations, societies and other organizations which sell life insurance or annuities in New Jersey.
10/02/03 Notice: Exemptions from State Occupancy Fee and Municipal Occupancy Tax
10/02/03 Notice: Permanent Resident Exemption for Sales Tax and State Occupancy Fee/Municipal Occupancy Tax
10/08/03 North Dakota Tax Amnesty - October 1, 2003 through January 31, 2004
09/26/03 Notice to Corporate Taxpayers
09/25/03 Taxation Implements New Tax Compliance Tools - (Revised 10/08/03)
09/24/03 Illinois Tax Amnesty - October 1, 2003 through November 17, 2003
09/23/03 Outdoor Advertising Fee Information
09/11/03 Missouri Tax Amnesty - August 1, 2003 through October 31, 2003
09/02/03 NOTICE - Advance Child Tax Credit Treatment
08/29/03 Delivery of NJ SAVER Rebate Checks to Begin September 3 (View Treasurer's Press Release)
08/26/03 The State of Kansas is Conducting a Tax Amnesty Program - October 1, 2003 through November 30, 2003
08/15/03 State Grants Extension to Taxpayers Impacted by Blackout (View Treasurer's Press Release)
08/06/03 Virginia Tax Amnesty - September 2, 2003 through November 3, 2003
07/10/03 NJ SAVER Rebate Filing Deadline Near - (View Treasurer's Press Release)
07/03/03 Cigarette Tax Increase
06/18/03 "NJ S&U EZFILE" Will Replace Paper Sales and Use Tax Returns
06/13/03 Sales Tax Notice - Taxability of Flags
05/20/03 Reminder - CBT Estimated Payment Revisions
05/19/03 State Begins Mailing NJ SAVER Rebate Applications (View Treasurer's Press Release)
05/16/03 To All EFT Filers Of The Cape May County Tourism Assessment
05/09/03 NJ Estate Tax: Important Provisions and Filing Requirements
05/05/03 Notice to Businesses "We Pay the Tax" Days Authorized
04/11/03 New Jersey Provides Tax Assistance to Military Families
04/09/03 Military Information
04/09/03 Division of Taxation Provides Extended Filing Assistance, Encourages Electronic Filing
04/02/03 Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative
05/19/03 The State of Colorado conducted a Tax Amnesty Program from June 1, 2003 through June 30, 2003
03/26/03 2002 Forms Now Available for Download in a Format Acceptable for Filing
03/18/03 Press Release: Biotech Certificate Transfer Not Affected by CBT Legislation
03/14/03 Notice - Changes Affecting Entities Taxed as Partnerships
03/10/03 Litter Control Fee Guidelines
02/28/03 The Special Adoption and Concurrent Proposal Pursuant to the Business Tax Reform Act
02/04/03 New Jersey State Gross Income Tax Relief For Victims Of The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11, 2001
01/30/03 NJ FastFile Delivers Fast Returns
01/28/03 Tax Treatment of New Jersey Property Tax Rebates and Property Tax Reimbursement Payments
01/27/03 Prepayment of Partnership Filing Fee Not Required With "Final Return" (Form NJ-1065)
01/23/03 Notice: Cape May County Tourism Assessment
2003 Important Changes for 2003
2003 2003 Income Tax

Last Updated: Tuesday, 06/02/15

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