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Division of Taxation

CJW Notice Additional Information

Why did I receive this letter?
You must send us the requested information so we can process your tax return and issue a refund. It's our job to verify the accuracy of tax returns, and getting supporting documents from you is one way we verify your income or withholding information.

Is there something wrong with my return?
When you receive a letter from us, it doesn't mean you or your tax preparer did anything wrong. We simply need more information. But to check if you may have made a mistake, read about Common Filing Mistakes.

Can I resolve this letter over the phone?
No. We need you to send us supporting documentation. However, we understand you may have questions or concerns. If so, contact us at (609) 943-5000, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., except State holidays.

Can I fax or email my documents?
No. In order to protect your privacy, you cannot fax or email your documents.

You can:

Why do you need a copy of my tax return?
We need a copy of your tax return to make sure your information was processed correctly. Since returns are processed at another facility, the fastest way to speed up our review is to send us a copy. This helps get your refund approved faster.

Why do you need my W-2 statements?
If you filed electronically, we don't get copies of your W-2 forms with your return. We need them to confirm what's reported on your tax return.

If you filed by mail, there may be a problem reading the documents you sent. We simply need to verify the wage and/or withholding amounts.

What if I don't have my W-2?
We won't be able to process your refund without your W-2 or other supporting documentation. If you haven't received your W-2, or misplaced it, visit I need my W-2 for help.

What is a Form 1099?
A 1099 is a form used to report different types of income you may receive throughout the year. The income most commonly reported on this form is from your retirement plan.

What is a Schedule NJ-COJ, Form NJ-1040?
If you lived in New Jersey and worked out of state, your income may be taxed by both New Jersey and another state, city, or town. We allow you to take a credit for these taxes.

Formerly Schedule A, Schedule NJ-COJ, Form NJ-1040 is used to:

  • Determine the amount of tax you may claim as a credit;
  • Reduce the amount of tax you owe to New Jersey.

See our Common Filing Mistakes for errors you might have made while completing your Schedule NJ-COJ, Form NJ-1040.

What if I worked in Pennsylvania?
You can't take a credit for taxes you paid to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on wages you earned there because New Jersey has a special agreement with Pennsylvania. If you had Pennsylvania state income tax withheld, check with Pennsylvania for information about filing for a refund.

See Tax Topic Bulletin GIT-3W Credit for Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdictions (Wage Income) for information on claiming taxes paid on other types of income and to other Pennsylvania municipalities.

When can I check the status of my refund?
We will work quickly to review and process your documents. You can check the status of your refund after the 90 day review period is over.

If you need to confirm that we have received your documents, we recommend using our New Jersey Online Notice Response Service (NJ ONRS) or visiting one of our Regional Information Centers.

What if I don't respond?
If you don't provide the information the letter requested, we won't be able to process your refund. It's important that you respond with the needed documents.

Last Updated: Monday, 09/27/21