Division of Human Resource Information Services

Adeseye Sotimehin, Director


To provide  accurate and efficient human resource information services to our customers with an understanding of the diverse needs of State and local government agencies; and rewards quality, merit, and productivity in a framework that allows Civil Service jurisdictions the flexibility necessary to manage their workforce, improve productivity, and balance their needs with necessary employee benefits and protections.


  • To accurately and efficiently deliver human resource information services to all State and Local Appointing Authorities in the Civil Service System within the context of Title 11A, N.J.A.C. 4A, and other applicable laws, rules and statutes.
  • To provide services in the areas of employee compensation, employee movement and transfers, local and state personnel records management, human resource information systems administration, organizational design and support, policy development and interpretation, rules compliance, and placement services through the administration of the certification process and determination of certification appeals.
  • To develop successful partnerships with our State and Local Government customers by providing solution oriented consultative services to meet their human resource information needs in a timely manner.
  • To ensure the quality and continuity of Civil Service Commission operations by dedicating resources to the implementation of new systems, supporting existing systems, and training users on various Human Resource Information Systems.

About the Division

The Division of Human Resource Information Services is the contact for various human resource services programs for State and local civil service agencies and jurisdictions.

  • Business Systems Unit
    This unit maintains and manages several systems that are integral to the successful implementation of the NJ Civil Service System, including the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS), County and Municipal Personnel System (CAMPS), Revised Automated Placement System (RAPS), the electronic Cost Accounting and Timekeeping System (eCATS), the Timekeeping and Leave Reporting System (TALRS), and the Classification Support System (CSS).  This unit is also responsible for administering the Supplemental Compensation on Retirement (SCOR) program; formulates and maintains State compensation plan and policies; produces the Compensation Compendium for each Fiscal Year; produces the annual NJ State Government Workforce Profile; formulates and maintains State time and leave policies; processes Special Project Rate requests; and tracks Temporary Employment Services (TES) usage and process TES exemption requests.

  • Certification Units:
    The State and Local certification units respectively, are responsible for the issuance, review, approval, and disposition (recording) of all certifications from open competitive and promotional eligible lists.

  • Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) Unit
    The unit reviews and approves State employee personnel transactions (new hires, promotions, lateral movements, voluntary demotions, leaves of absence, etc.) entered by State appointing authorities into the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS).  The PMIS unit maintains the integrity of personnel information stored in the PMIS system. The unit also conducts salary calculations, and seniority calculations.

  • County and Municipal Personnel System (CAMPS) Unit
     The unit manages the County and Municipal Personnel System (CAMPS), which allows county and municipal appointing authorities to securely transmit employee information to the CSC.  Local appointing authorities electronically enter and send data relevant to personnel appointments and actions in CAMPS. The system enables faster and improved data exchange, direct control of employee transactions, and instant access to employee data and workforce reports.

  • Intergovernmental Services Unit
    This unit manages several successful programs that assist employees with job placement. The unit is responsible for the Employee Interchange Program, the Intergovernmental Transfer Program (ITP), ITP Vacancy Postings, the Rice Bill, and hires via the Alternate Route program. The programs have features that benefit not only the civil service job seeker, but State and Local government agencies searching for qualified as well as experienced applicants.


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Adeseye Sotimehin
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